Online coaching using the CAI coaching platform


 Online Coaching: timesaving - flexible - effective!

In addition to the classic form of face-2-face coaching, more and more modern methods  are being used in everyday working life. Online coaching with CAI-World is the perfect complement to classic face-2-face coaching.

After creating an atmosphere of mutual trust and esteem in a first personal meeting, I offer, to solve current individual topics or tasks, in online coaching sessions.

Whether problem solving, change plannings or individual reflections of business situations, as a CAI-certified coach I accompany and support specialists and executives at all hierarchy levels on their way to the desired goal.

Similar to telephone coaching, we discuss your concerns in a confidential setting. With or without webcam, according to your wishes. At the same time, we visualize and develop solutions together that would otherwise only be possible in a face-2-face encounter: with the help of numerous tools, all of which are available online.


The CAI Coaching platform platform has an english language interface.

Online Coaching - Business Coaching Krefeld

Up to date

Together with your coach, you can use the CAI portal to specify your concerns and bring them with professional support to a solution, wherever you are. We meet online with audio and video support or  exchange our opinions via chat.

Cost saving

Working with CAI® World supports coaching that is independent of time and place, saves travel costs and thus enables global companies to perform professional coaching across time zones.

Collaboration in global virtual teams is made easier!

CAI Online Coaching


The web-based portal Cai® World ensures comprehensive data security. The key to encrypting the data connection between your browser and the servers is TLS technology. The servers of CAI GmbH with your data are located in Germany.