My coaching approach

"You can never solve problems  in the same way of thinking that created them. "

Albert Einstein

Achieving successful future-oriented and sustainable solutions, both in business and in your personal life, that is, why I would like to support you as a business coach.


My coaching is based on a systemic approach, in which I consider the human being as part of a system. It is essential in this approach to provide impulses into the system in different ways in order to actively and powerfully accompany and support changes. The systemic business coach takes into account the different roles and functions that you assume in your social and business environment. You are and you will remain the professional expert, but as a coach, I will be helping you to focus on different solution options and to act target-oriented.


You will achieve:

  • Assertiveness in decision-making;
  • Strengthened self-confidence in taking over & performing management duties;
  • Extension of your perspective on tasks to be solved (change of perspective).

I feel obliged to the ethical guidelines of the "German Association for Coaching and Training" (dvct) and support this fully.

I am looking forward to hearing from you by e-mail or telephone.


With kind regards,

Dr. Heinz Wittke



+49 (0) 1715465510