7 steps to leadership ...

  • Development of leadership skills in the conscious perception and implementation of your (new) management tasks
  • Providing confidence and sovereignty in new leadership roles
  • Strengthen your assertiveness - you will be the winner!
  • Use all your options in the preparation of important decisions
  • Reflection of your personal development
  • Optimizing your self-management and self-organization
  • Work Life Balance - stay successful with mindfulness.

 As a former coach and project manager of Integrata AG,
a company with a focus on qualification consulting, HR- and organizational development, I have many years of expertise in  training-consulting and strategic personnel development.

Added value for you and your company

Companies, associations and other organizational units in a change situation will achieve sustainable improvements and behavioral changes through targeted coaching of their leaders at all levels.

After completing a coaching session, the coachees will be in a positive and emotionally relieved state. This allows them and your company to optimally exploit all potential benefits.