Career and personality development

Karrierecoaching - Business Coaching Krefeld

Career coachings or a career counselings help to determine your own point of view.  Prepare important decisions calmly and carefully.

Perceive and seize new chances and opportunities in your current professional environment or in your professional reorientation.

Coaching zur Berufswahl

> Career entry

Choose the right door!

I offer guidance for study- or career choice!

Prepare your entry into working life with verve and joy!

> Stay on the ground

Strengthen your strengths!

Are you ready to change and what goals do you want to achieve? Keep your personal values as a guide.

> Stay mindfully

Become aware of the quality of your situation!

Find access to your own inner resources, act autonomously and confidently.

My mission as a coach

In my role as coach I am the pilot who helps the captain to find his way. It's my job to focus on clear and achievable objectives that serve in their sum the achievement of a larger overall objective.

Each issue presents different requirements. My task is to make people aware of resources, potentials and abilities, to release motivation and energy, so that you achieve your professional and personal goals.

Of course I am available when required as an experienced consultant at your side, and I support you actively in finding solutions!