Business Coaching

Konflikte lösen

My role as a coach is to assist you in achieving your self-selected and individual  goals through active support. We will together  examine your situation from different angles and I will help you work out your individual solution which you can fully identify with.


While facing complex change processes, you will remain relaxed and motivated even under increased stress.


The Coaching Process

In a personal meeting we get to know each other and will discuss and agree on the basic conditions of the coaching assignment.

  • After the first coaching session, you can decide whether you want to continue the coaching in the agreed form.
  • In subsequent sessions, we will prioritize and work on your concerns.
  • We decide on the scheduling of follow-up sessions as well as the setting (face-to-face or online meeting) following each individual meeting.

Following the last coaching-session a joint evaluation of the activities and an assessment of possible further activities to stabilize the coaching results will take place.


The Setting

Our first joint coaching session should be conducted as a face-to-face session, as respect and trust are developed and strengthened best through personal meeting and working.

After the first personal meeting I also like to offer the option,  to hold a few more sessions as "Online Coaching" sessions. For this I use the "CAI-World", a coaching platform developed especially for this purpose, which offers all possibilities for a professional coaching.


All face-to-face coaching appointments can be held in rented seminar or coaching rooms of partner organisations, or likewise in yours, in a correspondingly quiet environment.